Custom Application Development

Simply put, we build (and rebuild) custom software and iOS apps for small and large businesses, not-for-profits, hospitals, schools and government agencies (have we left anyone out?).
Amazon Web Services (AWS) Professionals

Do you need a Web server? An entire network? An email system? A document container? A server for your app? Call on us! We have AWS professionals at the ready to help you set up your entire technology infrastructure in the cloud using Amazon's suite of magical tools.
Microsoft Azure Professionals

If Amazon AWS isn't your thing, we also help companies of all sizes move their technology into the Cloud (and expertly manage it all once it's there) using the Microsoft Azure menu of products and services, too!
Project Management (PMP-Certified)

Are you building an app? A suspension bridge? A football stadium? A startup company? Call on us! We have Project Management Professionals (PMP) eager to organize your complex projects!
Commercial Product Development

We also develop packaged, commercial software products for sale by ourselves and by other companies.
Application Architects Assist™: Pro Bono (a.k.a. “Free”) Custom App Development
We set aside $50,000 per year to develop free, custom FileMaker-based software applications for not-for-profits and schools in the state of North Carolina (NC).
Our Software Development Goals
Our goal is to present software to our clients that makes a user’s workday:
...More meaningful
...More intuitive
...More power-filled
...More connected
...More fun
than ever before Application Architects arrived on the scene.
The Software Tools We Use
We use a variety of tools, from FileMaker Pro to MySQL, from CSS to HTML5 to JQuery, from Apache Web Server to PHP to XML/XSL, From Swift to Android. We’ll choose the tool kit that suits each unique client and project best.
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