What We Do

Custom Application Development

Simply put, we build (and rebuild) custom software and iOS apps for small and large businesses, not-for-profits, hospitals, schools and government agencies (have we left anyone out?).

Commercial Product Development

We also develop packaged, commercial software products for sale by ourselves and by other companies.

Application Architects Assist™: Pro Bono (a.k.a. “Free”) Custom Application Development

We set aside $50,000 per year to develop free, custom FileMaker-based software applications for not-for-profits and schools in the state of North Carolina (NC).

Our Software Development Goals

Our goal is to present software to our clients that makes a user’s workday:

More meaningful
More intuitive
More power-filled
More connected
More fun

than ever before Application Architects arrived on the scene.

The Software Tools We Use

We use a variety of tools, from FileMaker Pro to MySQL, from CSS to HTML5 to JQuery, from Apache Web Server to PHP to XML/XSL, From Swift to Android. We’ll choose the tools that suit each unique client and project best.