FileMaker Consulting & Classes

We teach small (max of 6 students), hands-on, instructor-led FileMaker Pro classes at our headquarters in Carrboro, North Carolina (NC).

NOTE: If we don’t have a class scheduled, contact us anyway and we’ll set one up just for you.


Introduction to FileMaker Pro 15

When: Contact Us For Upcoming Classes

Where: Carrboro, North Carolina (NC)

Price: $395.00

Introduction to FileMaker Pro 15 is a one-day hands-on class that teaches you how to use FileMaker Pro 15 by building a basic recipe management database from scratch.

The class walks you step-by-step through the basics of databases in general and FileMaker Pro 15.

In this class, you will:

  • Learn database basics
  • Learn your way around the FileMaker Pro 15 application
  • Find out what all the buttons do
  • Build a table and add some fields
  • Build a link from one table to another
  • Build a data entry form
  • Build a printed report
  • Use drop-down lists, checkboxes and pop-up calendars, among other things, to make data-entry faster/more idiot-proof
  • Add security to your database
  • Learn how to query a database to find records
  • Learn how to share a database with other users
  • Send e-mail right out of your database
  • Link Web pages like Google Search to your database
  • Create PDF and Excel files right from your database
  • Brainstorm and take home at least three ways you can use FileMaker Pro 15 in your business to do things faster, cheaper and better
  • Put pictures, movies and documents in your database
  • Add a chart to your database
  • Learn about the latest FileMaker Pro 15 features
  • Learn how to get more help building FileMaker databases when you need it

Who Should Attend

If you are a FileMaker “newbee” or an intermediate user who wants to go beyond the user manual to learn how to build and use a FileMaker Pro database, this class is for you. If you’ve used FileMaker Pro forever but have never received classroom training, this class is for you, too. The small class size means that you will get answers to most of your specific questions and lots of one-on-one instructor time.

What to Bring

The following items are required.

  • Your laptop with a full copy of FileMaker Pro 15 installed on it (Or download a trial version of FileMaker Pro 15 at
  • A way to take notes
  • A list of three things you hope to get out of the class. Hopefully this list includes ways you can use FileMaker Pro 15 to help you work faster, better, cheaper.

Food & Drink

The coffee will be ready at 8:30 am, so feel free to come early. The class will decide as a group whether to eat at a local restaurant for lunch or order take-out. Within reason, the instructor will pay for lunch.

About the Instructor

Chris Kubica, PMP, is a FileMaker 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11, 12, 13 and 14-Certified Developer, a 19-year, nationally-recognized, veteran FileMaker consultant, author and FileMaker Developer Conference speaker. He wrote the 800+ page book, The Book of FileMaker and has written about FileMaker Pro for Macworld magazine.